Let me make it clear about Job Costing – Examples, Practical issues and Solutions

Let me make it clear about Job Costing – Examples, Practical issues and Solutions

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Example (Issue) No. 1

Work No. 58 passes through three divisions particularly X, Y and Z. The after info is directed at you regarding this work:


You need to determine the expense of work No. 58 through the above numbers.


Note: Calculation of overhead chargeable to Job No. 58 was made the following:

Problem No.2

The following expenses had been incurred for a task throughout the year finished on 31st March 2019:

Solitary price when it comes to job that is above $1,80,000. You need to prepare a declaration showing the revenue made during the ended 31.3.2019 12 months through the work and a predicted price of the work that will be become executed into the 12 months 2019-20, billing the exact same portion of revenue on product product product sales since it had been through the 12 months 2019-20. Materials, wages and chargeable costs will be needed of $50,000, $70,000 and $20,000 respectively for the work. The many overheads must certanly be restored in the after foundation while determining the projected price:

(a). Factory overheads as a share of direct wages.

(b). Administrative and offering and circulation overheads as a portion of factory price.


Note: Calculation of varied overheads prices and portion of revenue on product product product sales:

Problem No. 3

M/s. Perfect Printers Ltd. operates a printing press. During 2019, the plant was operating at full capacity november. The materials and work expenses of Job 101 and all sorts of other jobs done, in are shown below november:

As well as the costs that are foregoing factory overhead incurred in November amounted to $44,000. Overhead is assigned to manufacturing on such basis as direct work expenses.

You need to:

(i). Show exactly exactly just what factory loss or profit on Job 101 could be, making use of two various practices of accounting for overtime premium. Assume that the agreement cost with this working task is $40,000.

(ii). Indicate under what circumstances each method must be utilized.

(iii). State whether or not the loss or profit for the company during would be affected by the choice of one method or another november.


Factory Overhead Recovery speed = (Factory Overhead / Direct Labor Cost) x 100

= (44 professional essay writing service,000 / 44,000) x 100 = 100per cent

(i). (a): If the overtime premium is completely charged to Job No. 101:

(i). (b): If overtime premium is charged pro-rata to all or any jobs:

(ii). Overtime premium should really be charged completely to Job No.101 if it had been a rush work plus it ended up being done during the demand of this client. But in the event that overtime work had been as a result of restricted manufacturing capability also it ended up being accidental that Job 101 had been done throughout the overtime then premium must certanly be charged pro-rata to all or any jobs.

(iii). Revenue and lack of the organization during November is supposed to be impacted by the option of any associated with method if most of the jobs done throughout the thirty days aren’t completed because of the end associated with the thirty days. If overtime premium is completely charged to Job 101 it is perhaps not completed by November 30 then your loss about this work won’t be drawn in the account of November 2019. Likewise, If overtime premium is charged pro-rata to all or any the jobs and loss or profit on any task staying incomplete are going to be carried up to the the following month.

Problem Number 4

The after particulars are drawn from the costing books of the specialist when it comes to thirty days of December, 2019.

The particular Job Accounts showed the balance that is following Contract Ledger on 30th November 2019.

Job No. 201 = $3,21,580 Job No. 202 = $1,41,865

A certification of conclusion ended up being acquired for Job No. 201; associated with the stability of the account looking at 30th Nov. 2019, $61,500 was at respect of machinery and plant, the remainder comprising wages and materials. A device costing $5,500 especially brought with this agreement, ended up being offered during 2019 for $2,000 december. For the rest regarding the stability on plant and equipment $40,000 worth was indeed applied to the Job for eight months therefore the remainder for half a year. Regarding the previous, half ended up being used in Job No. 202 and also the entire regarding the remaining plant had been gone back to shops. The agreement cost for Job No. 201 ended up being fixed at $3,75,000.

Prepare Contract makes up the two Jobs and state the profit made on Job certified as finished, enabling depreciation on equipment at 15 % per anum. Assume ten percent for establishment fees regarding the price of wages and materials consumed.


Working Notes:

1. Establishment fees in respect of Job No. 201 A/c have now been determined the following:

2. Depreciation on value and plant of plant came back to shops have now been determined as follows:

Plant Costing $40,000 has been utilized for 8 plant and months costing $16,000 for a few months.

50 % of the plant obtaining the total depreciated value of $36,000 happens to be used in Job No. 202.

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